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KLAX and FENIX significant FPS reduction Needed to unistall


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I initially installed LAX back in Oct 2022.  There was such a drop in FPS with the FENIX A320 as well as the FBW A320 that I had to uninstall the scenery. 

After all this time, I figured, maybe, the bugs have been taken out, and I would try again.  So, today, I installed the latest version of KLAX using the iniManager.   I tried running the FENIX A320.  There is still a significant FPS reduction.   

Anyone have a solution to this problem?   Any help is much appreciated.



RTX 2080 Super, i9 10900K, Windows 11 64-bit

32GB Dual Channel HyperX™ FURY DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz;

Thrustmaster Airbus Joystick (T.A320 Copilot)


CH Prod Throttle Quad

Saitek Cessna rudder pedals

Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel

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8 hours ago, gumbyger said:


A certain FPS drop is to be expected when running highly detailed custom scenery.

Did you uninstall the default Asobo KLAX? Did you try playing with the scenery options in the iniManager?

Yup, I deleted ASOBO LAX, but I have not done anything with the scenery options in the iniManager.  I didn't even know there were scenery options.  I'll try that next.   Thanks

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