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iBlueYonder Dallas Love Field (KDAL) for MSFS v1.1.0 Released


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v1.1.0 of iBlueYonder Dallas Love Field (KDAL) for MSFS has been released. This update fixes a number of bugs and includes the option to toggle on and off Downtown Dallas.

This update can be downloaded via the iniManager.


- Added environment occluder to terminal (no more rain/fog inside).
- Fixed gate designations so the taxi-to-gate option should work.
- Fixed the edges of the wings on the museum 737.
- Replaced signs at 13L to read correctly.
- Moved downtown Dallas to separate BGL so it can be switched off separate from airport (scenery configurator).
- Adjusted alignment of approach lights for 31L to be on runway centerline.
- Moved 31L PAPI4 to correct position, re-angled to 3.08 degrees per airnav.com specs.
- Fixed threshold markings for 31L (no displaced threshold now).
- Replaced lines of library baggage carts with custom combined model w/LODs to avoid carts aggressively popping into view.
- Changed color of baggage tug in LOD3 version to blue for less jarring transition.
- Added missing taxiway sign to C8 turnoff for 31L-13R.
- Changed taxiway sign at C4 31L-13R turnoff to read C4 instead of C3.
- Removed images of approach lights on PR.

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