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Until 23 March 2024 (estimated), works shall be conducted on the airfield to change the designations of the taxiways, rapid exits, holding positions and runway access, apron gates and intermediate holding positions. The works to be performed to change the airfield designations consist of modifying the road markings and installing vertical signage displaying the new designations.

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Sorry, I just started a new topic on this, I hadn't read this one yet because it's just called LEIB. Apologies if my topic is redundant/double.

As of the latest AIRAC the WIP is thus far that the charts have been adapted and the real life airport is using the new letters. It would be awesome to have the new letters in the scenery as well!

Keep up the good work Ini! 😄

Kind Regards,

Kevin "ToastEmperor" Valk

LEIB_WIP_Letters.pdf LEIB_10-9 Airport_AirportInfo_Take-offMNMS.pdf

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