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No Activation Code by Email or in Inimanager


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Purchased the new Maule M7 this morning and never received a product activation code. (Not in my spam box and not in the application as shown in screenshot).

Opened a ticket 23935 with more details.

Thank you for your assistance in activating my product I purchased or providing a refund since I have yet to be able to fly the plane after trying all day to get this installed.\

Contacted the developer on their discord but they say there isn't much they can do if I don't have a code.


Thanks for looking into this.


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7 minutes ago, gumbyger said:


Sorry, I can't help you with that; you'll have to wait for the direct support answer 😕

Just to make sure, when you click the copy button next to the activation field, it copies nothing?

Correct, I've even selected all after clicking reveal and tried every method I know for copying and pasting. There's no key there for whatever reason.

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