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Bf-108 Taifun "Legion Condor" 44-2


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Its out.

4K textures (fuselage number 44-2) for the model of Messerschmitt Bf-108 "Taifun" done by iniBuilds for MSFS. The skin has few improvements as well like: historical markings, redefining colors, more weathering effects, stickers and new colours of interior and more. Model has a few limitation so I adjusted the repaint to the requirements of the model. This skin is a bit cleaner than the previous one (D-IHDD, I had some requests for it), but it's more tired and the plane itself wasn't treated kindly enough. This airplane (44-2) was used by Legion Condor, Spain. The repaint presents of the plane in 1939 (based on a photo taken in Seville). The aircraft was painted in RLM63/65 livery and had a custom roundel marking on the fuselage.  Btw. The presentation of historical markings is only informative and consistent with historical sources (like all models or historical photos), it's of course not intended to propagation any ideology. Fly with classic cockpit only! Regards.








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