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KLAX - Airport flat textures missing bridges /taxiway.


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Hi to everyone! And Good Morning or good night/good evening 👋🏻


Stright to issue, but before would like to say the KLAX airport is beautifully made, but can be done better I know! Now, there is some issues that just make me go crazy as I’m sure many users would agree as they perhaps experience same visual immersion braking fiture of this scenery, 1st one the small highway that runs from the side of beach and into central line of airport has an bridge that is taxiway same time, then 2nd section is the highway that runs right before KLAX airport has an long bridge that is just simple not there but yes an flat texture, and 3rd is highway that runs from side to side of airport that is also simply flat with some looks like bridge but don’t know what happen there, so those are areas needs revised work, and within the current version of airport those sections are just flat textures that rather just on sad! as it’s just satellite imagery with flat textures rather than bridges and taxiway bridge between runways, my query is would be possible to rework/amend those areas and bring them to the level of rest of airport within further update(s) as it’s quite immersion barker! Anything else is just spot on!


So, really all is needed is to fix few flat areas of the highways with bridges/taxiway bridge and I know guys, and many of users know Inibuilds Team can make it better! Your EGLL airport just art! 

See some snips photos of the video reflecting flat textures areas, and video of the airport made by one reviewer link below for review all those issues can be seen there nicely👇🏻 


video review with reflected few issues on airport.





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Yeah, we are aware that some bridges / tunnels are missing at KLAX (some are missing at EGLL as well fwiw)

Unfortunately it is very hard to terraform in MSFS to the point when you try to dig a tunnel at some place it will give you bumps at another place.

I'm not saying we are ever going to add/fix these; but please understand that it is not as easy as it might seem 😕

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