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Fuel Selector Positions


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19 hours ago, sesanchez said:

I can't see a label for the positions for the fuel selector. I know open is left and closed is right but in the Weight and Balance screen, I see Front Left, Rear Left, Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Fuse and Emergency Reserve.

Hi, hmm. Are you sure you that you wrote about Taifun?

The main knob is between chairs, it has 3 position only. Left is closed (not open like you wrote), right is open (not closed like you wrote). I see labels too (PC version from iniManager).

It was a request to turn in off from my side at begining for cold and dark but idea wasnt accepted, you can check screenshot how it looks:

The main valve is on the left to up/down between front panel and the wall (lever).

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I think he meant 'hardware' labels on the model. There were none the last time I looked at the switch.

Of course there are the tooltip labels. But I set them to off (those would bother me way more than the visible auto pilot module).


The position of the switch depends on your perception. If you see the thicker end of the switch as the indicator, then open is left and closed is right.


The original plane has multiple tanks that all count as "main" tank. The fuel is automatically distributed between them. I'm not sure how that is simulated.

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Yes. I mean Placards or some indication in the model which way in ON and which way is OFF. To me, since the "head" of the selector is pointing Left, that is my ON position, since turning the selector's head right shuts the engine off. I also have the tooltips off in game. I still dont know what "middle" position is.

@YoYoI'm guessing the main valve you mention is the red knob left of the Autopilot?  Yeah, I know about that one

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