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Want to use ini Manager but purchased products through market place


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I purchased the KDTW and KBUF through MSFS Marketplace. I would like to use the ini Manager but my products are not showing up probably because I used MSFS marketplace. Please advise on how to have these transferred so I can use ini manager. I need to use ini Manager to configure the KDTW because it is heavy on frames.


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It has been few days (since Sunday when I submitted my order requests) and I haven't heard back, not even confirmation if they got my requests and are working on it. What's the turn around time? What are my options to get the 2 orders transferred?



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Excellent, it worked, thank you.


For KDTW - I disabled all features and using Standard textures and that only gave me back 3fps-4fps. I noticed that even with turning off all features there are still some terminal interiors being rendered (albeit no people in the). It would be nice if you could completely turn them off. Reason:

I have a really fast machine: 9900KF @4.7Ghz, 50GB RAM 3080 RTX Ti, and very fast SSD 

but the airport is still stealing ~10fps-12fps. Under debugging FPS counter, the video card is fine but the CPU is being still heavily utilized. If we turn off the rendering of ALL interiors I might bet 3-4 fps extra.



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