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Option to disable autopilot

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I'd really like to remove the autopilot panel in the modern 108. I want to fly it in the current time, so I don't want to use the classic cockpit, however in my opinion a autopilot is a system that is not needed in light aircraft. Both in real life and in the sim I fly for fun, and handflying makes fun.

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Okay I checked. Yes, giving up the classic cockpit immediately adds autopilot. It's a bit pointless. I honestly don't understand why add it at all. Maybe there will be someone who would like a glass cockpit as well, and then what? 😉 Is flying really a torture to add auto modes in such a small plane that doesn't have an autopilot? Some people are weird, really. They need realism, and then it turns out they need to add devices that aren't there. It only proves that they don't seem to understand how trims work. The model can be trimmed so that it is almost "hands off" (near). It's so heavy? However, ok, I agree, if there must be an autopilot, make it an option just so that it doesn't spoil the view of virtual cockpit, for people who prefer realism, not sci-fi. 👍

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