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AN-225 Bug with EFB and imputting numbers


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Got the AN-225 on Xbox on SU12 launch day. I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far and I am already working to complete a full flight in it. It is simply an incredible aircraft, but there is one issue that is pretty annoying, especially during flight. With the A310’s EFB, numbers are put in via a tab at the bottom. Same holds true for the AN-225, but for some reason, it also loads up the Xbox keyboard tab. Whenever I try to exit out of it, it jolts the controls and ruins the immersion and overall flight experience. If it wasn’t for the great autopilot, it would’ve plummeted to the ground. Similar to what happens sometimes when I’m using autopilot and I pause the sim, the plane just spirals out of control.  If you could tweak it in the next update to not have this happen, it would make this perfect.

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