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Low Performance with An-225

Ga Ach

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I bought the Antonov in the MSFS Marketplace but everytime I try to fly the plane I get low FPS and low GPU usage which makes the plane unflyable. This only happens with this aircraft. Community folder is empty and I use Microsoft Store MSFS version. I wonder if there is anway to fix this issue.


Systems Specs:

OS: Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core I5 11400F

GPU: Nvida RTX 3060TI OC 8GB

RAM: 32GB DDR4 3600 Mhz

MSFS Drive: M2 NVMe 1TB


Thanks in advance.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.03.23 -

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There recently was a very similar case here on the forum; they managed to fix it by reinstalling windows - which i can understand - not everyone wants to do.

The issue is though, that if a windows install fixes the issue, then the issue isn't within the sim. So I unfortunately don't really know to help you 😕 You definitely shouldn't be getting FPS that low, but you say your community folder is empty and from the looks of it you already disabled the custom smoke effects. So I unfortunately don't really have an angle to attack this issue. I'll leave the link to the other thread here; lemme know if I can somehow help you still though 🙂


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