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A310 High Fuel Consumption


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I currently use the official profile with a +20 fuel factor. This tends to give me a systematic buffer of 400kg overhead fixes. Poor approach energy management means that I eat into this and usually land with about a 1.5T deficit even with the fuel factor. This is on short sectors. I typically max out at 50 mins cruise

This is with SU11 and 12. Is toolbarpushback causing this or is this known?

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23 hours ago, gumbyger said:


Which simbrief profile are you using? The one from our FAQ? P20 seems very high to me already.

There isn't any known cause for this, as it hasn't been reported yet; did you try with an empty community folder yet?

Yes. I've been using this one. Haven't done empty community folder yet. Will see if anyone else reports

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IMG_3852.thumb.jpeg.02e42251da125950d4ca54412e3c5310.jpegLive Build April 16 2023 MSFS

Might not make it. My FMC is showing a EFOB of -3.3

Flex TO. Auto climb to FL360

Currently Running (min fuel mode) with a dream and hope.  She’s climbing back up from -3.3 currently at -.2 so it’s working.

Simbreif import from ACARS menu
CI 80

What ever is happening is new, I should be able to do this flight with 30k lb and I asked simbrief for an extra 60 mins of reserve. Every flight I’ve done I’ve taken extra since WU12 and always hit bingo low fuel at my finals. 

good thing for that 60kt tail wind.  

APU start happened max 2 mins before pushback and start.  Plane was all set on GPU. 
(Cold and dark)




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