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Performance Drop while at Cruise


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I have been doing some flights recently in the An-225 (thank you for bringing this aircraft to the sim), and have observed a recent situation where the performance when at cruise (~26000ft) drops significantly (down to approx. 19fps from 40). Pausing the simulation via the dev mode pause function (Options → Pause Simulation ||) sees the frame rate shoot back up to ~60FPS. I realize that performance will be better in general when paused as the sim is not making any calculations, but I am confused as to what may be causing the severe performance drops in the first place. In the attached screenshots, I am flying over the Irish Sea on an EGKK - EIDW route. On the ground prior to takeoff, the frame rate was getting as low as 20FPS, typically averaged closer to 30 (I believe the nearby DLC I have for London and Heathrow are likely affecting performance here), and, on climb, the FPS was averaging about 45. But for some reason, once at cruise for a brief period, the FPS just drops right off.

When sim is paused:



When sim is running at cruise:



Something else worth noting is that the "Manipulators" frame time seems to be unusually high when at cruise. I noticed this on the ground to a lesser degree than at cruise, but managed to decrease the time by decreasing the volume of AI ground and sea traffic, but at cruise, I don't believe this would be a factor in performance. Interestingly, CPU  and GPU usage remain fairly low in spite of the low FPS. Does anyone know what the "Manipulators" refer to, and what may be increasing their frame time? And more generally, does anyone know what may be causing this enroute performance hit?

For the sake of clarity, here are my machine specs:
OS: Windows 11 Pro
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti
RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz

I have also attached a couple screenshots of my CPU and GPU usage in Task Manager.

I appreciate any and all support that might help me with resolving this matter! Thank you in advance!

P.S. After reading an earlier post in this forum, I removed the smoke effects SPB file from the aircraft folder to improve performance (which did help).

Screenshot 2023-03-17 224310.png

Screenshot 2023-03-17 224211.png

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Hey gumbyger! Thank you for the suggestion!

I emptied out my community folder, and gave the flight another try quickly. Unfortunately, upon passing ~FL245, it was like a switch was flipped, and the FPS plummeted to 18 from 38 again. Once again, the manipulators went haywire and started taking significantly longer to process.

I appreciate your assistance. Unfortunately, it looks like the culprit may be something else...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.03.18 -

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Hey gumbyger!

So, I actually ran into a similar problem with the Fenix A320 last night, too. The FPS dipped to around 25FPS when near cruise. Ultimately, I decided to take the extreme measure of resetting my OS. I haven't had the opportunity to get up to cruise just yet as I had to reinstall everything, but on the ground, the FPS is already consistently higher in the Antonov than before (~21 FPS before reset, to ~38 FPS afterward with the same settings). My guess is something was awry in the OS that caused this issue, and has nothing to do with the 225 at all (my apologies for the confusion). Setting DirectX 12 gave an extra additional FPS as well.

When I have a chance, I'm going to try the same flight above and see if the manipulators issue is now resolved with the OS reset, and I'll post an update here when I do!

Thanks again!

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Hi mumblecake!

My apologies for the delay! So, that was an interesting one. Earlier on when testing, I was seeing a massive jump in performance when switching from live weather to the "Fair Weather" preset. But eventually after restarting the sim a few times, that also stopped working. It was very strange.

But, more to the point, I just wanted to say that I had the opportunity to restart my flight from EGKK to EIDW in the Antonov, and I'm no longer seeing the massive performance drops while airborne. As is to be expected, the FPS is actually getting higher the further from the ground I am. So, whatever the issue I was seeing was caused by, it was cleared up by resetting Windows. Unfortunate that it had to come to that, but it's also good to know that it worked!

Thank you both again for reaching out to offer support!

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