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AN225 already loaded on sim launch and a viewpoint bug


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Could you make it so that the plane is empty when starting a new flight? right now the plane is already loaded with 66tons when starting the flight

Also the cockpit viewpoint does not follow the cockpit down when the aircraft is kneeling to loading configuration

Kind regards

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  • Soso330 changed the title to AN225 already loaded on sim launch and a viewpoint bug
5 hours ago, gumbyger said:


Can't confirm that the plane is already loaded when loading in.


The camera is a known issue, albeit a sim limitation. You'll need to set a key binding to "Decrease Cockpit View Height" to move the camera down manually.



this is 2 screenshots taken right after i loaded in.
Is there a way to have it load in empty? Also preferably with about 20% fuel

About the camera, hopefully Asobo will fix it then

Kind regards



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But the thing is that the an225 does not behave like all the other planes when setting the payload before loading in, all the other planes(default and addon) you can set the payload and it keeps it when loading in, but with this plane you can set it to 0 and it resets the weight back to 49999kg for the "cargo main deck", i get a feeling that it might actually be a bug with the EFB because something is overriding the Default MSFS payload window.

After loading in: Looking at the EFB it says that the payload is 0kg, but i have to press "unload payload" or "apply load" for it to actually be 0kg

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Thank you! Yeah its like the EFB loads a payload without even knowing it, as it clearly says 0kg payload/cargo weight, BUT a payload is showing in the hull and if you take the current weight minus the fuel weight you see that it has accounted for that weight of the "not loaded" cargo giving me a zero fuel weight of 351tons so a weight of 66+tons has been added as cargo while having "0kg cargo/payload weight" added.

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