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turnaround time for purchase transfers?


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i submitted a few transfer requests from marketplace to the inimanager a few days ago, just curious what the turnaround time usually is. i would love to grab the NZQN fixes without having to wait for however long it will be updated on the marketplace. also it's pretty hard on my fps so i want to reduce some details which i discovered is not possible with the marketplace version. ideally there would be a big warning in the marketplace info that buying the airport through that channel is not a good idea but i know microsoft would not approve lol. i got lured in by the NZ sales haha! live and learn.

also i should mention the transfer request process is a little finicky, i had 2 airports to request but for some reason you can only upload one screenshot so i ended up submitting 2 requests separately


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3 hours ago, gumbyger said:

It probably got denied in that case. Did your screenshot include your marketplace profile name in the top right corner?

yes. perhaps i should have put my xbox name instead of my real name in the request or something like that? my xbox profile name is linked to the same email as i use for this forum and for the inimanager. i made a purchase of KDTW through your system which worked fine so it should appear as a legit account no? i guess i'm not certain which information was incorrect since i never heard any response.

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