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Numpad 5 does not center nosewheel (taxi with keyboard)

Malte Dietsch

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I love taxiing with keyboard (Num0, ENTER, Num5 for centering).

It works on every airliner under MSFS, but not in the Ini A310. When I press Num5, nothing happens. the nosewheel is not centered.

Any solution for this?


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Heya 🙂

Funnily enough, I also taxi with keyboard on my Laptop. I even use Num0 and Enter on the numpad as well haha

I bound Rudder Axis Left to Num0 and Rudder Axis Right to Enter so the nosewheel centers itself after each press. Maybe it's something worth considering for you too in the meantime 🙂 image.png.bcca2e8b75434cea3ffc9db73bc49ac0.png

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