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Bad FPS.... again


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Hi all.

I have also been suffering from very low FPS after the engines have been started....down to 17 FPS....making it almost impossible to fly.

Janniklpyt's comment above about the engine smoke led me to have an investigate through the AN-225 files and sure enough there is a seperate .spb file for the smoke.....AN225_Engine_Smoke.

I cut and pasted the file to a different location and no more problems with the FPS hit, running between 60-70FPS at East Midlands with my setup.

The file location:

Where your Community file is located should also be the Official folder where all the asobo and microsoft addons are installed.

Follow the following folder trail:


and in there is just one .spb file.....AN225_Engine_Smoke.spb

Wether INIBuilds can update the file so it doesn't cause this problem is beyond my expertise.....but would be nice to see the characteristic smoke from the engines again.


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I already sent an email to support also detailing that this workaround has fixed it for me but thought it was a good idea to voice that here as well. My suggestion would be to include a toggle in the pad with the next patch allowing to disable the smoke effects if this is negatively affecting performance.

Leave it default on but give us the option to disable it please. As it seems to be a recurring theme for your aircraft models it might be a good idea to include that on the other models as well.

Really glad that it is now workable but would really appreciate a more official solution.

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Just getting back onto the topic of other aircraft. I have tested the framerates for the A310 before and after engine start up and there is no discernable difference in frame rates for me. Now that makes sense as going through the folders (there are two for some reason) there are no smoke effect/.spb files utilised for that model. So contrary to what I said before this might or might not be an issue which is isolated to the AN-225. I don't have any of the other iniBuilds models so obviously can't say anything about those.

For the AN-225 it would be great to have the option to have the high-res smoke effects which are part of the model right now, low res smoke effects which are a bit easier on the processor and the option to turn it off altogether.

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