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Magnetic compass done wrong in the Taifun

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Hello. Consider me the specter of compassism.

I have seen a video of your Taifun by the YT-channel "Vintage Simulations" and there I saw the magnetic compass in your plane. The thing is: it is done wrong. As a magnetic compass basically (for the intents and purposes of this problem) stays stationary in space, it is the plane that turns around it. And as you are looking on the outside wall of a sphere or cylinder (that is the compass), the numbers painted on it must get smaller to the right and larger to the left.

So instead of for example:

. 3 . . 6 . . E . . 12 . . 15 .

it must be:

. 15 . . 12 . . E . . 6 . . 3 .

Yes it is counter-intuitive but this is the way it works.

As if you would go around a barrel with painted headings on its outside side-wall counter-clockwise (like you do in a left turn) , you would see the numbers right of your current heading and these must get smaller. Same goes for the right turn, you go around the "barrel" clockwise, so the numbers must get larger to the left because you see the 90 after you have seen the 60 for example.

So that you can fully immerse yourself in this counter-intuitive situation, I have brought with me a little picture (made for another platform but applies here as well) on which I have explained the principles involved. And note the picture of a real magnetic airplane compass I have included.


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