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KLAX RWY 7L invisible object?


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KLAX Los Angeles International Airport by IniScene. RWY 7L about half way down it after landing is some kind of invisible bump or something. It’s happened to me twice now. Once coming from VEGAS, the 2nd time from ATLANTA. Nice perfect landing, slowed down enough to start towards the left taxiway and bam some invisible thing flips my jet over and flight ends. I’ve also tried RWY 7L doing a quick landing by spawning into the approach, and all went well (3 times) As well as taking off. So it’s kinda weird it only happens on my normal full flights. I’m on XBOX series X, Flying the A310. Anyone else have an issue with RWY 7L or am I the lucky one? I do like the airport as a whole though. Very nice! I'd reccomend it (other than that mystery invisible object on RWY 7L)

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