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KLAX Scenery Load on Arrival


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Hello!  I'm looking for help or advice with a challenge I continue to have after the 1.10 update.  Spawning & departing I have no issues.  Upon arrival however, I have problems with signs not loading and jetways not loading.   I have attached departing and arriving screenshots for comparison

I am running MSFS on a dedicated PC; i9-13900K, 64GB DDR5-5600 RAM, RTX 4090, and Samsung 990Pro 2TB NVME drives.  No other programs run on the system.  I am running MSFS at "Ultra" or maximum settings and getting frame rates from 50-130 FPS at KLAX.  CPU & GPU usage and temps are low. 

Any suggestions or thoughts?  This is a fantastic airport and it would be great to see it all work upon arrival too.

Thank you! 


KLAX Gate 28 Departure.jpg

KLAX Gate 28 Arrival.jpg

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I will be glad to; pretty much "max" on everything, but will do to be sure I don't overlook anything. 

I am going to try a manual cache of the LAX area as soon as I have time to see if that might help as well. 

Thank you for your help!

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Hello!  Sorry for the delay; been a very busy time.  I am attaching a .pdf of all my in-sim settings to see if that might help.  I am continuing to see what might be causing it.  Seem worse after a flight of an hour or more.  I'm no programmer; just a 39+ year MSFS "simmer" and retired "real life" aviation.  Again, appreciate any insight or suggestions!

My MSFS Settings.pdf

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Sorry the turn around on this was a bit longer. I just completed a rather laggy arrival into KLAX from KDEN; my poor laptop was fighting hard at your settings 😄

Unfortunately I'm afraid I was not able to reproduce the issue even with the same settings 😞


Do the jetway eventually load in when you are at the airport for a prolonged amount of time by chance?

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No worries!  I've had my hands for for the past couple of weeks. 

When I had time, I kept trying to find a root cause or solution.  I tried a lot of suggestions from the MSFS Forum, YouTube, and others.  I finally found something that works 95%of the time; running MSFS as "administrator".  I saw this in a YouTube post from someone else having the same problem and it made a difference!  I cannot explain why; out of my "swim lane"/knowledge range.  Any thoughts?  Running as administrator not only returned the full jetways every time, but also appeared to "access" much better scenery detail in places; especially ground textures, signs, taxi lighting, etc.  (screenshot attached)!

On your question; no, I tried that approach too (waiting, changing camera, changing graphics settings, etc.), with no luck.

I appreciate your time and help!  If you have any thoughts or insight on how running MSFS as administrator makes a difference, let me know!

KLAX D10 2023-02-28_192408.jpg

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I have yet to figure out a way to resolve my issue, but haven't given up.  I did notice something; iniBuilds KLAX shows in the "Not Installed" folder of the content manager.  I realize that usually doesn't mean anything with 3rd party scenery, but thought I would mention it just in case. 

Also, since my first post of the issue, I have performed a complete clean install of MSFS and KLAX, but still not change.  If I don't run in Admin mode, it's missing most all the taxiway signs and jetways.  With Admin mode, everything is there.   I'll really puzzled by this one! 

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Hi guys! 

I’m another lucky guy! As per OP similar system top range and running game at 2k maxed out on all I can with strix oc 4090 and DLSS 3.0 and Frame gen, so all addons I have are bought via official 3D party developers using official applications such as inimanager, or I buy via market sim! Now from reading above all I believe this might be related to buying this scenery via market sim as I have bought this one KLAX and it’s the only scenery that causes me this, now I have to admit I only had this issue once I loaded up at the gate using my Fenix A320 but as soon all loaded up my all gates and rest of the stuff pup up and then was fine, I did fly around with carenado c182 and no problems at all even after landing, so I think somehow this issue might be when you buy scenery via market sim! 


I have requested my scenery to be transferred to inimanager as I believe this would be best way to have inibuilds scenery addons on our sim. 

as I also noted at some taxi ways there are double lights on the ground the yellow ones with blue lights are also repeated and out of place, so what I have done today was completely uninstall KLAX scenery and then cleared cash but mine set to unlimited so same time I deleted Asobo KLAX scenery, now when I come home I will install inibuilds KLAX and see how it plays as I also noticed that on the airport and around it lot of ground stuff just pop up and disappear, on this note I need to say that my TLOD is 400 and details is set to 200! And this is only airport have such issues the EGLL by inibuilds is perfect no issues! 

thanks all 


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