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Can msfs2020 a310 handle a fully VOR navigation from and to an airport ?


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On 4/12/2023 at 6:27 PM, ImPohtatoh said:

Because it’s VOR related.

The VOR frequency doesn’t seem to save but the CRS does when swapping from VOR to NAV. 
Is this intentional? No biggie just like to set up my missed ahead of time. 

Live Build MSFS.  


Sorry for the late reply! This is by design, because as soon as you flip the switch, control of the frequency goes back over to the FMC, which auto tunes a different frequency (in most cases anyways). FMC doesnt touch the CRS however, as it doesn't have a reason to.

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Not a problem! I figured out I can actually just flip it on and all is well.  I was just a dumb dumb.  Maybe I should have payed more attention after watching 9 hours of y’all’s tutorials before releasing it originally.. 

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