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Fuel pump switch not working


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I have the same issue on PC with the msfs marketplace version.

After install the P40f, if i fly it in the same msfs session, the fuel pump works normally, but next time i launch msfs i can no longer activate it.

The switch remains in Off position (down) and there is no more tooltips name displayed.

If i use Ctrl+E, the engine starts but, the fuel pump switch remains in off position.


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I have the same problem.

Bought and installed from Market Place on PC. Plane worked great. Came back to have another go the next day and fuel pump switch wouldn't highlight blue and couldn't be turned on. I deleted the aircraft folder from LocalCache, reinstalled from Market Place, and it worked fine. Then came back the following the day and the switch was inoperable again.

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P.S. I'm not sure if it makes a difference whether you exit the session with the switch on or off. Just in case that helps test persistent data - I suspect I quit with it off (unless I crash, which is the usual outcome, in  which case I'm probably exiting with it set to on.)

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We are aware of an issue with the P-40F regarding the MS Marketplace build on PC in relation to the fuel pump switch. This seems to be intermittent for some users and we are currently working on a fix for this which will be patched immediately by us, but may take some time to hit the Marketplace due to processing times.


You can continue using the plane by the following methods:

- Open the in-sim checklist, go to the Engine Start Procedure, select the “Fuel Pump” line and click “Tick Item”. The switch won’t physically show as on but it will be in the background.


- Press CTRL+ E to auto-start the engine

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