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How to continue to operate hydraulics after the A310 runs out of fuel???


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Land ASAP 😉

1. RAT : On (Ram Air Turbine, there is a handle on the left side of the Captain seats)

RAT will allow the yellow hydraulic system to be powered and will give you flight controls to operate.

2. Throttles: IDLE

Optimum Speed: green dot speed (average rate of descent 1700 ft/min)

3. Emer Exit LT : Disarm

4. Flaps 15° for approach

5. At 2000 ft AGL Emer Exit LT On

6. Before "impact" Ram Air on, Pitch approx 11°

7. at Touchdown: fuel levers off, pull all fire handles

I took the relevant steps from the QRH (Quick Reference Handbook for Both Engine Flame Out Scenario with no Fuel remaining). I listed not all steps, just the most important. Most important thing to to do is to turn on RAT to power the yellow hydraulic system.

Hope the helps. Best regards



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12 hours ago, FelixM said:




1. RAT : On (Ram Air Turbine, 機長座椅左側有把手)

RAT 將為黃色液壓系統提供動力,並為您提供飛行控制以進行操作。


最佳速度:綠點速度(平均下降率 1700 英尺/分鐘)

3. Emer Exit LT : 解除武裝

4. 襟翼 15° 進近

5. 在 2000 英尺 AGL Emer Exit LT On

6. 在“衝擊”沖壓空氣之前,俯仰約 11°

7. 著陸時:關閉燃料桿,拉動所有點火手柄

我從 QRH(沒有燃料剩餘的發動機熄火場景快速參考手冊)中採取了相關步驟。我沒有列出所有步驟,只列出了最重要的步驟。最重要的是打開 RAT 為黃色液壓系統供電。




Where is this handle? I can not find it

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-01-16 120014.png

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