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Have Airbus updated A306/310's SOP alone with other buses?

Umi Akai

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AFAKI, in NOV.2021, airbus updated SOP for A318~A388, some tweaks in pre-flight, over all flow been more smooth and checklist also dropped annoying "below the line"(and even the whole After T.O checklist).

The SOP on A306/310 was somewhat similar to later Buses, but some system are still different, Now I have get used to new Airbus SOP, thus when flying A306/310, I feel the difference is much larger than before, and some flow can be changed to new one even consider the difference in system. (but some, not much, for eg. only check MEMO for landing)

My company have retired all A310s long ago, so we don't have access to that part IRL, I wonder if anyone knows. btw it's possible some realworld operator still use old SOP after airbus have updated their "recommend one", it's up to the airline.

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