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Problems when coming out of pause


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Hello there, I have recently been encountering the same problem with the a310 in which whenever I come out of pause it tells me “Stop rudder input” even though I haven’t touched the rudder control since I was on the ground and then my plane violently shifts to the left. It also gives me the warning L/G not down even though there’s nothing I can see that would activate that warning message since this only happens when I’m in cruise with all flaps and slats set to 0 and my landing gear in the off position

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In my case, I cannot use the freeware app "TOD calculator and pause". The a310 behaves weird after using it and it is the only plane behaving like this. This is too bad, since this app is very important for me when I do long-haul flights. It's a pity not to be able to use the a310 for those kinds of mission. I hope that this won't be a problem with the A300 ...


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On 8/27/2023 at 12:14 AM, Christoph4445 said:

Hi there, I was wondering what the situation is at the moment. Have you had a look into the pause-issue? If yes, how is it going to be mended? Is there another update planned? Thanks for a reply.


I'll forward this, but to be honest I wouldn't get my hopes up; the plugin hasn't been updated for two years and many other aircraft also have the same issue. So it probably rather is an issue of that plugin rather than our plane 😕

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I just wanted to bump this as well.  I love the plane, but even with the newest Beta 13 that actually has the A310 mentioned in the changelog there are still issues coming out of pause.  For me while in pause, it appears the trim continues to trim the plane up to its max setting which results in the airplane violently climbing until I can regain some control.  I'm not sure why the aircraft would continue to trim while in a paused state at all?  Also, since I'm in VR, I can look down at the center pedestal while paused, and the trim will indicate a normal reading.  But once unpaused, the trim is immediately 15 degrees nose up and crazy.

I love the A310 and want to fly it more often, but I fly in VR and work while flying so I pause a lot.  AFAIK the A310 is the only one that suffers from pause issues anymore, including Fenix, PMDG, JustFlight, SWS, etc.  I'm not bashing at all, just trying to help by pointing it out so I can enjoy the lovely bird to its fullest 🙂

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