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First day with the A310 and trying to learn as I go off of tutorials and checklists to go from Cold & Dark to full startup and flying, so forgive what is probably a stupid question.

I get the APU fired up and generating power to keep the plane alive while I run through checklists and set up the FMS, and every time, without fail, 10-15 minutes later, the APU goes into emergency shutdown and will not restart. I've tried starting from cold and dark, starting from the On-APU state, and it always shuts down.

Is there something obvious that I might be missing in my startup config that would make this happen?


Just cleared my ECAM warnings and the APU still does not appear to function. I guess for now I'm using the air start cart.

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I’ve had this same issue.  Very frustrating because it used to work. Awesome plane but no way to use it now.  Ever since the last update the apu shutdown every time

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