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A310-300 ADF and VOR indications.

Kal Tiwana

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The ADF and VOR indications on the Radio Magnetic Indicators (RMI) are not pointing correctly towards the ground transmitters.  In the case of VOR, there is an error between the RMI indications and the NAV display deviation bar.  This makes tracking a VOR radial difficult.  I compared the situation with A320 and A320 shows absolutely correct indications.  It would be very helpful if this is corrected.  Thanks572471739_A310-RMIandNavdisplaymismatch.thumb.jpg.77a37703f1bc565b6ada200b92abd221.jpg471643674_TrackingYVRRadial090-DevBar.thumb.jpg.3489613d059a201fd4544358adf9d581.jpg2040222720_ErroronTracking090RadialonA310.thumb.jpg.628f7fb8a31ff94e794a226a0c547d33.jpg1743428393_EstablishedonVORRadial090.thumb.jpg.0b2d0d2e450645189fd0fca8cd19d69e.jpg541986357_ILSapproachwithNDBIndication-A310.thumb.jpg.f13ba5a7815c5d1c77361662921cc537.jpg1748845615_ILSapproachwithNDBindication-A320.thumb.jpg.2fe2466c7094a5907e140801c17192c4.jpg.   

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