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How to modify A300 drag & thrust response?


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I have a question, how do I modify the drag and lift of the INIBuilds A300 so that it can climb faster without losing speed and so that it has less drag? (because I want to avoid the stall speed after takeoff & to be above the stall speed) I tried modifying it in planemaker and a flat shape of the fuselage appears on the plane itself when I open it in X Plane 11. Also I found that the thrust is a bit sluggish, how can I tweak that?

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I agree with A300PilotAmerican in relation to the thrust been Sluggish. I have tweaked this in X-plane maker. If you go to the menu and then hit standard, engine specs, then to the right, Start/spool up and change "compressor spool up time" to 7 sec Check fuel pump advance time is at 3 seconds too, I think it is by default anyway. Then you closely resemble what I hear in the video I've linked. I know the A310 in the video has the PW engines, but even they are slow to spool on the ini A300.

With regard to climb performance, I have no idea and trust that the sim is close to the real thing? ..



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Strange thing. I am not a real world A300 pilot. However, I think that the thrust of the A300 is much better implemented than the A310. The A310 has way too much thrust in my opinion why I only use the A300. To me it feels more realistic and is comparable to the other aircraft of the same weight class. I also never had a stall with the A300 after takeoff.

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