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Can't find the livery request page after the website update? ? ?


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Too bad, I'm desperately searching for a repaint service. I found one (Hangar226), but he only does realistic requests. I was looking for a fictional repaint request service, but apparently it doesn't exist anymore.

If IniBuilds wants to take this up again it would be very much appreciated. I have quite a number of fictional repaint requests which I need to find a repainter for. Paying for it is not the problem.

Or even, for what it's worth, convert a few existing repaints from P3D to MSFS for the PMDG 737. There are some very interesting ones on the downloads on this site, but unfortunately they're for P3D and don't work in MSFS. I don't know if this is easy to do, but I for sure couldn't figure it out.

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