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PROF mode: FMC Speed constraint


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I was making a short flight from VAPO to VABB. I set a speed/alt constraint at BBB/117/14 PBD, 210/5000 for approach to VABB ILS 27. But during climb from VAPO, plane is maintaining 210 knots where as I am expecting to accelerate to 250 kts! The mentioned constraint is for approach to VABB. Not for dep. from VAPO.

For ref., I did the same flight with Fenixsim A320 and PMDG 737-800. They accelerate to 250 kts below 10k and to 290 kts above 10k. They only slow down to 210 kts when approaching the PBD: BBB/117/14 PBD, 210/5000.

Is it a bug in IniBuilds A310? Please help.


Haseen Ahmad

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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