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Beluga ST question before buying


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Before I buy I want to ask if you changed the LNAV code  so that it is now capable to fly correct bypass WPs, intercept WPs and DME arcs etc.  and  on the ND the curved drwings and flight path is correct without overshooting WPs ? Did you also changed  the VNAV code for correct VNAV computations without need of speedbrakes etc. ?

This update is urgent needed in the A300 alos.

Thanks for info.



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Hi @tiffernine,

The new LNAV code has been implemented to improve general LNAV stability and overall accuracy, while giving the correct level of tracking accuracy for the A300. DME arcs already work correctly in the current LNAV code as only some can be flown in NAV. Intercept points have not been changed in terms of placement but tracking to them will be improved due to the above statement. Curved drawings are not possible on the A300 due to the limited power of the SGUs and limits of the technology at the time. The only time you will see a curve is on a DIR TO or in a hold.

VNAV has not been changed because it's accurately reflects how the real A300 will fly PROFILE descent. In fact it's actually a bit too accurate compared to the real thing. 

We will be publishing an update to the A300 after completion of the A310 with many features rolled back including LNAV changes.

Kind Regards,
Lead Technical Team

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