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Adjust KDTW Settings


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I purchased and installed KDTW for MSFS through SimmMarket and iniManager does not recognize the scenery. I would like to adjust the settings to reduce the frame rate hit. How can I get iniManager to allow editing of the scenery

Thanks.  Richard

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Unfortunately you can´t get the iniManager to allow editing if you didn´t buy it on the iniStore. The iniManager will only be able to display scenery bought through the iniStore. You can however transfer your order into our system and be able to do it after completion: https://forms.inibuilds.com/order-transfer


For the moment you can rename some files to get the same effect:

  • To get SD textures go to Community\inibuilds-airport-kdtw-detroit\Scenery\airport-kdtw-detroit\kdtw-modelib
    • texture --> texture.HD
    • texture.SD --> texture
  • To disable some features go to Community\inibuilds-airport-kdtw-detroit\Scenery\airport-kdtw-detroit\kdtw-scene
    • Static Aircraft: kdtw-scene-statics.bgl --> kdtw-scene-statics.disabled
    • Airport Animations: kdtw-scene-anims.bgl --> kdtw-scene-anims.disabled
    • Additional GSE: kdtw-scene-gse.bgl --> kdtw-scene-gse.disabled
    • People & Passengers: kdtw-scene-people.bgl --> kdtw-scene-people.disabled
    • Detailed Interiors: kdtw-scene-interiors.bgl --> kdtw-scene-interiors.disabled
    • Landside Cars: kdtw-scene-cars.bgl --> kdtw-scene-cars.disabled
    • 3D Trees: kdtw-scene-trees.bgl --> kdtw-scene-trees.disabled
    • Winter Equipment: kdtw-scene-winter.bgl --> kdtw-scene-winter.disabled
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