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iniManager hangs when clicking on my installed products


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I'm running iniManager 2.0.1.

After successfully installing KDTW, I decided to click on the tiles for my other installed products such as KLAX and KEGE.  But each time I did that, iniManager would hang--I had to close iniManager using Task Manager.  But this wasn't an issue with KDTW--I was able to freely click its title and enter the configuration view.

I decided to take a look at the KDTW, KLAX and KEGE installation folders in my Community folder, and I noticed KDTW has the scenery_config.json file while the others didn't.  So I created an empty scenery_config.json file in the KLAX and KEGE folders, and that resolved the hanging issue for me.  Just wanted to mention this.

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Oh look, yet another issue with the great DRM. smh

ZIP Files may be considered inconvenient, but at least they work, realiably. 

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