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  1. On 7/7/2021 at 9:52 AM, Ubaid said:

    Hello to our dear A300 customers.

    Firstly I hope you are well, and are enjoying this product.

    Whilst there is a lot of discussion around our A310 product, I am sure there is a good few of you, interested in what is the status of this product; why there isn't a lot of information / discussion / updates here... Well, I hope to provide you with an extensive update here, and perhaps alleviate any potential queries or concerns formally. A lot of the information discussed thus far has been casually over our social media platforms. 🙂 

    To start, the A300 release was truly fantastic, and we learnt a LOT. This was our first aircraft product release in X-Plane 11 (flight simulation for that matter) and I am tremendously proud at what we accomplished. However, although a lot of our customers enjoy the product, there are a few areas that we felt needed to be improved and elevated to continue exceeding our customers expectations, and address some of the 'quirks' present in the current version. 

    To outline them below in a high level manner:
    1. 3D model refinements [Customer feedback / New elements we would like to introduce]]
    2. Flightmodel improvements (using the new, experimental flightmodel)  [Customer feedback]
    3. Failures [New feature we would like to introduce]
    4. CDPLC/ACRAS Integration [New feature we would like to introduce]
    5. Brand new sound sets [New improvements we would like to introduce]
    6. System Improvements across the board

    Although we only released the first version in August 2020, the team were quick to start work on these issues and plan a roadmap of what we need to do to continue integrating new features, taking into account customer feedback, and ensuring that we provide updates in a swift manner; not just quick fixes, but a true, enhanced update. 

    1. Since, we have invested in new resources and new team members and I am pleased to report that the exterior improvements will all be coming into the A300. This will also allow for a public paintkit. This has been one of the longer term solutions, and the team will be finalizing work on this post the A310. The A310 allowed us to also incorporate some optional cockpit features such as the standby compass, IDC/RMP radio units, texture enhancements, new PW model, GE/PW being changed live in sim, etc! 

    2. As we were able to tear up the 3D work, and refine certain areas, this allows us to go back and address some of the feedback provided regarding the flightmodel. I am pleased to report that work on this has gone fantastically well on the Beluga and A310 and the same methodology will be applied to the A300 along with our excellent source of performance data, that are integrated into the product. By allowing us to refine this area, we are able to provide you with an even better experience than you have now, which I am sure will be greatly appreciated! 

    3. Failures! Now this is a topic that is really quite interesting. If we recall our position on our product range; it is to provide an ON THE LINE experience; an immersive journey in flight from the pilot's perspective from one place to another! Based on customers' feedback we set out to incorporate more than 70 failures into our product range (note A300/A310 only). This really allows our customers to have the option to take their simulation that next step further for non-normal operations. This took a tremendous amount of time, and without our excellent technical consultants, would really not have been possible! Hundreds of ECAM memo updates and improvements! 

    4. A bit like failures, and our ethos of always trying to exceed our customers' expectations we have decided to be one of the first to provide comprehensive CDPLC/ACARS integration in X-Plane. This required the creation of a new unit within the cockpit the IDC/RMP. First featured on the Beluga product, this unit will be available in the A310 and the A300 update, and provides another immersive layer to the product, for those customers who like to use the online networks in their simming. 

    5. Our customers overall really enjoyed the sounds we provided with the aircraft, and was not on our priority list to update. However, we came across some excellent data post-release and just knew we had to improve the current offering! Therefore, in the A300 update you can expect significant improvements as will be available on the A310.

    6. As we have had time to further refine so many areas of the aircraft; all systems have been reviewed, enhanced and improved from LNAV to the CGCC system, to improved wingflex; really a whole plethora of improvements all coming to the A300 (including Autosave!). 

    As I hope you can appreciate, this is a lot of work, and we cannot wait to showcase this, more, very soon. I felt this post was important, as mentioned above to really re-iterate we have not left our A300 customers behind... I completely appreciate why there may be this view, based on other X-Plane developer actions, but this is not what you should expect from iniBuilds. All I can do is say we are working as efficiently as possible to bring this to you ASAP. All the updates, and new features mentioned up will be coming for free in the A300 update... 

    We value our customers enormously, and want to ensure we are always providing the best products, with the best customer service as best as we can. 

    While things wrap up swiftly on the A310, full attention will be turned to the A300, along with our brand new iniManager in the works... no more full installs or re-installs 😉 

    Thank you for your time in reading this post, and happy to discuss further in the comments! 

    P.S - I hope to update you in the next few days on more information on our A310 product offering, the full comprehensive features list and 3 excellent introduction to the next jet in the family. A note that A300 customers receive a 35% discount on the A310. 

    Kind Regards,

    Ubaid & the Team. 


    When will the updates be applied to the A300? And what about the update center?

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  2. On 8/20/2021 at 4:31 AM, Malyari said:


    Firstly, I love both of these planes (I'm having a hard time justifying flying any airliners other than yours in the sim). My question is, is there or will there be a random failures option on these planes? I mean you turn it on and any system can fail at any time during any flight. Maybe you get a failure, maybe you don't.


    I have the same issue; don't want to fly anything else. It'd be great if they'd start working on a new generation Airbus, let's say the A330-900 NEO. 

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