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  1. Hey, Do any of the mods know why my forum side profile doesn't show im also a 310 pilot? Like i say its something so trivial but it really annoys me and hits my OCD. Praying for a solution haha Cheers Warrilad
  2. Thanks @Max appreciate it
  3. Should have mentioned it is the A310, for some reason it doesn't show on my forum profile
  4. Hey guys, Sorry if this has been asked before but what is the yellow Nav ADC on my ecam? Doesn't seem to affect anything I can notice Cheers
  5. Hopefully we can transfer our Toliss aircraft over in the future, would be amazing to have both my fav devs together in one place. Ini and Toliss are amazing
  6. Is there a way to map the fuel on/off switches that are below the thrust levers? I can't find the right one to assign, maybe im just overlooking it or there isnt one. Cheers Warrilad
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