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  1. Hi, sorry I've since fixed this issue, it had nothing to do with elevations, it was caused by not having any anti aliasing set in the graphics settings. I hope I didn't waste your time.
  2. Hello. Aerosofts lirp pisa airport is still going strong and still works in v5, however it's never had dynamic lighting. I would very much appreciate it if you could make a dynamic lighting bgl for it. Thanks.
  3. Hi, since i installed p3dv5 my FSDT Hawaiian airports are now having problems with texture bleed through and missing runway markers, according to FSDT (Support.....) it's an elevation issue that he cannot reproduce, I'm not the only one with this problem. I've been advised by another user on one of my facebook groups that he uses ADE to create a CVX.bgl to correct their elevations to make his airports work again. Problem is i have no idea how to use ADE and FSDT are just ignoring me and all other users with this issue, can you guys please help me? PHNL, PHOG, PHKO, PHLI, PHTO and LSGG are all in a unusable state, (I have since replaced LSGG with the Aerosoft version that works perfectly, funny that..) See pics: Thanks, i hope you can help, I'm well and truely stuck...
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