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    Stunning livery ... as always but I have one thing: There are two windows in the front, which are white instead of black. I guess it has something to do with the paintkit or so as other liveries from other painters have those "issues" too.
    Lovely livery. Other regs would be nice, too.
    Stunning livery! Very well done!
    Again a top notch livery designed by Atarium. Everything is just perfect. A very well deserved 5 Stars livery!
  1. When you look at Development Update 7 (the last one), at the bottom he says :"Well, as you are all aware we have the Airbus A380 for which we want to provide an extensive update on soon." So I'd say that there is something very nice to come in the next weeks. My personal guess is, that they finished the exterior modelling and started with the systems. I'd say that nobody can expect the rollout of the A380 until at least Q1 2021. I know everybody wants his hands on this beautiful aircraft and the dev's know it, too but we still have to wait for it. Good things needs time to grow.
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