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    Another masterpiece by the high-quality dev team ZDP. Thanks for all of your effort to make this airport as good as it is right now. Very much appreciated and I enjoy all of your sceneries since day one.
    Very nice livery although I really like to see more regs. And the Carda Engines should be shipped with the file too (Currently using the ones from another file).
    This was so much needed. Thanks a lot
    No words can describe how thankful I am for this livery!
    No details were left behind. This package is just amazing.
    This livery alone is a reason to fly in South America. Thanks
    It looks fantastic in sim. Very good for Chinese flights!
    This livery was very much needed and it looks so beautiful. Thank you!
    Perfect livery for asian cargo flights
    KLM has one of the best liveries in the world and I am thankful for every good livery for this airline so just thank you!
    Perfect for flights from / to Japan! Lovely
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