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  1. Well .. this file is an update for Hamad International Airport .. OTHH.rar
  2. Hi again .. you're welcome Kévin .. This is an update for Armi Kuwait international airport For P3Dv5 Enjoy it .. Update Armi OKBK For Kuwait Airport.rar
  3. Hello Kevin B .. It is very simple with regard to the airport taxi2gate Hamad .. The command is only in the afcad file .. You need to delve into the program ADE .. As for your question, not all airports are equal .. ! Some of them are easy and some depend on polygons and some also depend on how many files from bgl And sometimes it is the texture files .. Currently I am modifying Kuwait International Airport to Armi .. Do not imagine how much effort I took to modify this airport, it was very difficult .. ! So do not collect mods, all airports are n
  4. Hi All .. I worked an update for you .. Hamad International Airport For TAXI2GATE OTHH has instructions attached with the file .. Enjoy .. good bye Update OTHH For P3D V5.rar
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