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  1. solved! (and sorry for delay!). Only om preview satdome never appear; when flight is loaded of I have choosed an model with satdome active it appear correctly.
  2. I've installed the Air France livery but in my model the SatCom dome never appear
  3. well I'm pretty sure that is a problem of elevation and flatten
  4. or maybe the exlude bgl hit something of ground poly that generate the issue
  5. how do you obtain this contrast?
  6. Good News. Seem it work...ground issue texture disappear and also default building never pop up again. But the afcad for ground is missing...seem it working only when OTHH will be on top on library.
  7. umh...and if we put OTHH under database like you said but v5 fix bgl in another "fake" folder linked using a string in addon.xml file on the top of library?
  8. Thank kevin. I reinstall ih right way OTHH on v5 using also your fix and solved the first issue in this post, but a new issue come out: ground texture modify itsel with variation of altitude I do alsto like you said: The "ground" issue disappear but default buildings of OTHH pop out again despite the fix v5 is installed.
  9. Hi First of allo thank for the Prepar3D v5 Scenery Compatibility Files. I've downloaded the Taxi2Gate OTHH Doha fix for v5 (exlude blg) but ther is still an error: the file exlude also all the technical/hangar zone. Here a pic:
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