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  1. Sorry, please ensure all communication is in English.
  2. We don't have plans at the moment, but will do at some point!
  3. How do I use CPDLC/the printer? • For offline flight (only METAR and TAF available): >> get a logon code from https://www.hoppie.nl/acars/ and enter into EFB >> Enter flight number in MCDU INIT A • For online (VATSIM/IVAO etc.) flight, additionally: >> fill in departure and arrival in the ICU CPDLC Logon Page >> select an ATC station to connect to (or enter it manually on the Logon Page and insert it with LSK1) >> send a LOGON request >> NOTE: ATIS and CPDLC functions depend on controller usage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CPDLC: Walkthrough & Practical Demonstration. https://youtu.be/gqpETJw1QEI?t=2519
  4. Cargo loading does not affect FPS. Please reduce your Reflection detail to minimal/low - it has a marginal affect on performance. Kind Regards Ubaid
  5. You can set the intervals in the EFB. For further guidance, I highly recommend you to watch our autosave overview: Autosave Overview https://youtu.be/gqpETJw1QEI?t=1750
  6. We have no release dates at the moment, but you can expect a large update to the A310 MFS project this month
  7. It’s got nothing to do with us… you need to follow steps other users have found to resolve the issue. A crash by SASL is nothing we can resolve as on a clean version of XP there are no crashes for those users.
  8. We can't help you as we don't know what airport you are inputting.
  9. Please contact direct support in that case. Kind Regards Ubaid https://inibuilds.com/contact/
  10. Please contact direct support in that case. Kind Regards Ubaid https://inibuilds.com/contact/
  11. No more requests are being taken or actioned. Many thanks
  12. Contact direct support please for all key related issues - https://www.inibuilds.com/contact/
  13. No, so the first step is try the aircraft on a completely new version of XP. It could be any plugin / item causing the crash. Many thanks!
  14. Ok, and did this swap back to AUTO? Please show a video of the issue
  15. Please follow the steps for installation correctly.
  16. Awesome, great to finally get some feedback on what was causing this!
  17. 'Found a fix to my earlier problem. Inimanager is installed by default on your C drive. If your C drive doesn't have enough space (like mine) it will freeze at 100%, however when I placed inimanager in a different drive with plenty of space the installing went just fine.' - What NeoLux mentioned in our discord! Kind Regards Ubaid
  18. Hi, We will take a look to change the layout of this page. Kind Regards Ubaid
  19. The autosave saves the most critical items such as navigation, FMC and most switches in the cockpit. Not all are saved. Have noted this as a suggestion going forward. Thanks!
  20. Please press ENTER once you have finished interacting with a box on the EFB.
  21. Yes V2 liveries please. 1 - In the A300/A310, you can only do RNAVs but only BRNAV so basic RNAVs can't do any RNP AR approaches or anything less then RNP 1.0 2 - No intersection takeoffs possible via the EFB 3- Yes you can in the real aircraft, but not in ours due to various complications. Kind Regards
  22. As I said could be the hardware you have mapped for our planes.
  23. There might be one that is not available! Please also ensure your DEP/ARR is filled in. And other flight information. Kind Regards Ubaid
  24. It most usually is to do with hardware configs what I have found.
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