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  1. As we have mentioned before this is a guide to how the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE works; that is intended. Thanks,
  2. Thank you for your lovely comments Martin! Happy Holidays!
  3. That is for historic paints. It was conducted by the painters as an unofficial modification.
  4. This is intended. The painters have made this transparent to reflect the historic liveries with no wingtips.
  5. Great to hear Matt! We will continue to do so.
  6. If you contact direct support (where this issue should go) they will help you within minutes. Thanks.
  7. Hello! In the final development update of the year, we are excited to announce our roadmap for 2021 and a brief reflection on 2020. Just yesterday we released v1.10 of the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE. We hope you are enjoying this update and thank you for your time and patience whilst this was in development during the latter part of this year. We have seen 1 or 2 minor things arise and will push an update for this out shortly. We thank you once again for your patience with this. iniSimulations A310-300 As you may be aware, we teased a photo last week of o
  8. Ubaid


    Here is a picture from @EmmaBentley who is one of our Mac Testers! Perfect flying!
  9. Hello all! We hope you have been enjoying the product and wanted to give you some insight into our up and coming V1.1 update for the iniSimulations A300. This development update has been written by our lead technical team and is more focused on what we have done with one of the main concerns some users had with the product; and what action we have taken. This new version will focus on FPS and SASL usage. What does this mean exactly, and how have we addressed these areas? Firstly, let’s explore plugin usage and what this means on your flight sims FPS. Usage is express
  10. I have also deleted your thread regarding this as this conversation can continue here.
  11. Zaraan, To be frank you do not know what you are talking about. Published does not equal work completed. We have a chunk of fictional/private work with clients and VA's. We really do get frustrated when people assume/accuse when they really have no basis too! We are always working to provide as much content as possible. At iniBuilds, quality is paramount. We will only take requests and work, if we feel we can execute it to our highest standards. We have had a plethora of requests this month that will all be public and ready to use in November. Have a good day. Ki
  12. Hello there, By way of introduction my name is Ubaid, CEO at iniBuilds Firstly a warm welcome to the forums, and great to 'meet' you! Let me begin my explaining our support methodology: You can contact us via Direct Support or on the Forum. We will only provide support to those users who have legitimately purchased our product. Therefore, if you did not purchase the product, we will not provide you with technical support. It is as simple as that; appreciate may not be useful for 'future' customers but see my next point please. In regards to QA'ing /determining whether you w
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