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  1. No worries! As this issue has now been resolved. I will lock this thread!
  2. As this issue has now been resolved I will lock this ticket! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  3. Thank you for your comments, we will take a look at the fuel flow!
  4. Hi there, Welcome to the forum! Re your first point this is correct, and will be looked at in future. Indeed the A300 has a really high thrust to weight ratio - even higher than Concorde at MTOW! These birds can get up to 7000ft pm climb rates! Enjoy the speed
  5. As this issue has been resolved, I will now lock this thread! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  6. That is great for me to hear! We are trying our best to get these resolved and comments like these make it all the worth while!
  7. Thank you for your kind words! We are glad we are at least pleasing some people with our product!
  8. Hi there and sorry that your response was not accommodated! 1. The weather radar is fully working and operational in the sim. However, we wanted to provide a stable secure release version and wanted to eradicate some of the minor bugs that were introduced with this system. We will look to incorporating this already functioning system in an update very soon! 2. AT Functionality. Are you talking about the ATHR? 3. The majority of all ECAM flows are all modeled, and if you start switching things off in the aircraft you will need to resolve them as you would ON THE LINE. Such as hydraulic failures etc. However, we have not modeled extreme scenarios such as engine failures due to an amendment in flight model in those scenarios and consequent affect on AP behaviour etc. Having said that it truly is an immersive ON THE LINE experience and we have a plethora of content creators who have reviewed the aircraft. Please let me know if you want me to guide you to this. 4. The IRS is modeled to a very high standard, taking into consideration features such as align time based on geographical location. 5. We have modeled point bearing distances that a user can input themselves. 6. Appreciate your final thoughts. Thanks, Ubaid
  9. Please let us know if you can replicate this issue. This seems very odd! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  10. Autosave is a future feature! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  11. Hello, and thank you for purchasing our product. We really do advise you watch the first look videos by Airline2Sim these explain the SOP's and way in which the aircraft must be operated. Please find these here: https://inib.uk/unx Part 1: Meet the Aircraft! https://inib.uk/ay1: Part 2: First look, walk around and systems! Part 3: First Flight Manchester - Dublin! If you have further issues please read the documentation! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  12. There is a lot of documentation provided with the plane but also videos. 1. The great people at Airline2Sim made a first look video of the iniSimulations A300-600R(F). Feel free to check it out: https://inib.uk/unx (SOP documentation) 2. Introducing the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE - The Training series! It will be covering the systems of the original Airbus in-depth, and above all, how to fly the A300 in an ON THE LINE operation. Check out The Training series: https://inib.uk/A300TheTraining Kind Regards, Ubaid
  13. Thank you for your feedback and we have this taken this on board. Kind Regards, Ubaid
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