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  1. Hello there, By way of introduction my name is Ubaid, CEO at iniBuilds Firstly a warm welcome to the forums, and great to 'meet' you! Let me begin my explaining our support methodology: You can contact us via Direct Support or on the Forum. We will only provide support to those users who have legitimately purchased our product. Therefore, if you did not purchase the product, we will not provide you with technical support. It is as simple as that; appreciate may not be useful for 'future' customers but see my next point please. In regards to QA'ing /determining whether you w
  2. Hello all! I am really pleased to announce that the Origami Scottish Aviation Bulldog is exclusively available for purchase on the iniBuilds Store for £24.99; a collaboration between Origami Studios and SimToolkitPro. The Scottish Aviation Bulldog was designed as a basic trainer with initial service destined for the Swedish Air Force. The aircraft later picked up as a mass order for the British Royal Air Force, with over 130 seeing service. The Bulldog is a formidable aerobatic machine, powered by a fuel-injected Lycoming powerplant. This is a fantastic little bird that is a must-hav
  3. Hello all, I hope you are well and have had a fantastic summer! August has been a truly exciting month for both iniBuilds and the flightsim community! As some of you are aware we released the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) on the 10 August. Since we have provided three minor updates. This week we hope to release 1.04 which will consist of a changelog of 200+ items from minor bug fixes to enhanced sounds! We really wanted to not only fix bugs but start listening to our respected customers' feedback and start integrating these features in. A changelog will be provided on release. Mov
  4. Thank you for your feedback. Kind Regards, Ubaid
  5. Just to add the A310 and the A300 gear tilt are both different. We have introduced an amendment to the gear in the latest version of the A300, that you will find in 1.04. Kind Regards, Ubaid
  6. Great to see you are enjoying the aircraft! This does not exist in the real A300 and is done in our aircraft for coding purposes! We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  7. We have had numerous reports of this. Will be locking this thread so there are no duplicated. Please reference the other performance related threads - thanks!
  8. As mentioned we use SASL and therefore you will see some consumption in your Plugin Admin. At this time there is no 'quick fix' and we do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Optimization is something that we always like to keep in mind! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  9. Thank you for your kind words! We will certainly take this feedback onboard and update our page accordingly. Kind Regards, Ubaid
  10. The A300 will only be sold on the iniBuilds store. Kind Regards, Ubaid
  11. Thanks for reporting this @Beepa300! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  12. As this issue has now been resolved I will lock this ticket! Kind Regards, Ubaid
  13. Thank you for your comments, we will take a look at the fuel flow!
  14. That is great for me to hear! We are trying our best to get these resolved and comments like these make it all the worth while!
  15. Thank you for your kind words! We are glad we are at least pleasing some people with our product!
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