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  1. No worries at all sir! It is not in our fashion to comment on other developer policies. What I can do is speak about what we do... Although these are new planes (Beluga and A310) all the new features, tweaks and improvements provide us to be in good stead to provide a fantastic, impressive and bug free (touchwood) experience to the A300 later this year! I do not blame you at all for thinking the way you do, but actions speak louder than words so watch this space Have a good one! Kind Regards Ubaid
  2. Hello all, It is with great pleasure I announce of second aircraft to the skies - the iniSimulations BelugaST ON THE LINE. From transporting priceless works of art to Tokyo from Paris, to flying A320 aircraft parts across the Atlantic; the BelugaST can do it all. This has been such a fantastic, enjoyable product that has been created with such passion by all of the team. It has been a combined effort to bring this unique, exquisite airliner to your sim. The team have worked hard; incorporating brand new elements unique to the BelugaST whilst improving core elements of the Airbus A300
  3. Hello! There is lots to talk about in this development update so let’s jump straight in! iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE As we mentioned in Development Update 10, we are currently working on the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE (ST in reference to 'Super Transporter). Please note, all previews are work in progress. Development has progressed fantastically, and I am pleased to report the aircraft is in beta testing. It is going to be a super exciting next few weeks! This product truly takes our simulation of the Airbus A300 series further with some e
  4. Thank you for your comments! Feedback taken onboard.
  5. Hello! Welcome to the first development update of the year! iniSimulations A310-300 In December and earlier this month, we showcased some images of the iniSimulations A310-300. Development on this is going fantastically and we are going to be completing the next phase of this project in the next few weeks. The scope of this project has been extended slightly to incorporate some new features that we hope will satisfy a certain demographic of users looking for that next level. Having said that, we have concluded that the A310-300 will consist of both the passenger and freighter variant
  6. As we have mentioned before this is a guide to how the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE works; that is intended. Thanks,
  7. Thank you for your lovely comments Martin! Happy Holidays!
  8. That is for historic paints. It was conducted by the painters as an unofficial modification.
  9. This is intended. The painters have made this transparent to reflect the historic liveries with no wingtips.
  10. Great to hear Matt! We will continue to do so.
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