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  1. when i try to download something it shows this error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>ServiceUnavailable</Code> <Message>Service is unavailable at this time.</Message> </Error>
  2. there is a livery for a330 professional Lufthansa with the old yellow and blue colours that it is compatible to today with P3d v5 and its plane?
    is compatible with scenery and p3d v5?
  3. ok but Tomorrow sorry
  4. hello it seems that following all the instructions with the scenario 2.1 for p3d v5 the lights of the old DYNAMIC LIGHT remain
  5. the profile in question is good for this new scenary: AEROSOFT - SIM-WINGS PRO HAMBURG P3D4.5-5?
  6. I say this because I would like to fully use your DL as I like them more than the standard ones
  7. hi, I put your EDDF DL file, I state that I have p3d v5 and I put all the updated effect files of p3d v5. Turning in a certain position with the camera does this effect that makes the DLs disappear. I was wondering what can it be? the minimum of light because I left the original textures and not those inside your folder because otherwise you could see everything black.
  8. GSX profile and DL profile for LICJ and LIMF they go for p3d v5?
  9. hello I wanted to ask since the aerosoft bologna scenario have not updated it to v5 but it works without strange buildings or in the middle of the boxes let's say, your dynamic lights work?
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