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  1. Oops! Realized I already responded on this earlier LOL. Late to the party but THRILLED to hear that inisimulations is looking at the A380! The A300 is simply awesome and I love flying the mix of old and new. Also, given the fact that it is flown very extensively with UPS and FedEx, I get my cargo flying fix, too. If it's done like the A300, I'm happy to support with a purchase!
  2. The A300 is such a fantastic aircraft. Really love the mix of old and new and how “visceral” it feels flying it. The immersion in the cockpit is among the best. now the A380? You’ve blown me away as I’ve been waiting FOREVER for someone with even half the prowess you guys have to make one. The fact you are doing it is absolutely perfect. Can’t wait as I’ll be lined up to buy! great work team!
  3. Yes, use FlightAware and when you find a routing, click the flight number to see the ATC cleared routing which you can manually enter into the A300s FMS.
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