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  1. @Max I've stretched my legs on the A310....like 6000nm and no cargo with a single step climb and fuel planning was fine, which leads me to the conclusion that I was flying with PW engine option and SimBrief profile is GE engines. So...new question. If PW does indeed have the higher fuel burn, what adjustment should I make? (I keep forgetting to switch engines for my livery).
  2. Hey Max, it's been a while so it may be difficult to find a flight plan. As of late, I have been adding +1 hour fuel to all my flights and it seems to be ok. I'll keep an eye on it, and as soon as I come across a discrepancy, I'll let you know right away! Currently flying EHAM-OMDB; Simbrief had programmed a route with steps. I stepped from FL330 to FL370 (max) about 2/3 of the way along the route due to being at work and FMC is predicting 10 Tons on arrival (2hrs to dest) with the +1h extra reserve (SimBrief predicted 9.5 Tons at destination based on it's calculation with various step climbs). So it doesn't seem to be a systemic problem.....I'm thinking either very narrow margins on a long route combined with unexpected wind changes or step climbs not taken properly into account. P.S. I read about the updates to the A300, including the cargo improvements. Wonderful job! I guess I wasn't the only one asking. But....no details released for the same work on the A310. Are we just concentrating on MSFS version for now? Thanks.
  3. VNAV climb does exist. Eg: 737 LNAV/VNAV buttons on MCP. However, there are different levels of this. As an example, in the CRJ or Citation where equipped all that VNAV will do is ensure altitude constraints are met during the climb but thrust management is still up to the pilot.
  4. Hey fellow pilots. I've had very inconsistent fuel planning experiences on the A310 with Simbrief and would love to hear how some of you overcome them. Some flights the planning worked out great, and others I was running on fumes / totally ran out. As an example: Flew from Amsterdam to Anchorage and programmed the single step climb in the FMC to give me a 4000' step. I THINK I selected no step climbs in SimBrief and I ran out of fuel just in time to glide to the airport. In theory, the A310 should have been more efficient than the SB planning. Perhaps an Active Sky deficiency in weather? There have been times where I DID plan SB step climbs and I stepped to an intermediate level based on the nav logs and the fuel planning worked out on medium range legs. As a third example....two flights from North America to Europe....one worked the other didn't (don't recall details). I've played with SB fuel profiles from stock to Plus 15% burn adjustment. What are your thoughts?
  5. I am glad to have flown aboard the Air Transat A310 between Toronto and Amsterdam. Definitely was a unique plane to fly aboard. Was the cockpit really as loud as the INI sim makes it out to be? That's crazy! Hope you used A20's haha. A close friend also flies for Transat too....most recently with the A330's.
  6. Ok, but pressing the button on the floor / keybind did nothing. I'm used to 'tapping' the button to release the gear as if I'm pumping it down. Is that what I did wrong? I would have at least expected to see the gear poke out a bit or the switch on the floor animate in some fashion to provide feedback. Same with RAT deployment. Hopefully I don't have to have this emergency again, but you never know....It's been hit and miss with Simbrief plans for me. Some flights were perfect, others had me running on fumes.
  7. I don't want to assume anything, but I had a rather.....interesting experience today. Can I get some feedback on this please? . You all know of the Gimli Glider of course? Yeah, the A310 on long haul + Simbrief = fail. I ran out of fuel and flawlessly glided my cargo hauler to Anchorage. The problem was the A310....detailed simulation with failures is great, except that I couldn't put an oxygen mask on after losing pressurization and the screen went black until I got lower; the RAT deploy switch behind the pilot doesn't seem to actually work, and even though you have a landing gear emergency handle port I couldn't actually use it despite assigning the controls in the menu. So I belly flopped on the runway and through a neighborhood. So.....are those obvious features missing, or am I missing something? For an aircraft as detailed as this with failures, I'd hope these things would work!
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