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  1. Ok, but pressing the button on the floor / keybind did nothing. I'm used to 'tapping' the button to release the gear as if I'm pumping it down. Is that what I did wrong? I would have at least expected to see the gear poke out a bit or the switch on the floor animate in some fashion to provide feedback. Same with RAT deployment. Hopefully I don't have to have this emergency again, but you never know....It's been hit and miss with Simbrief plans for me. Some flights were perfect, others had me running on fumes.
  2. I don't want to assume anything, but I had a rather.....interesting experience today. Can I get some feedback on this please? . You all know of the Gimli Glider of course? Yeah, the A310 on long haul + Simbrief = fail. I ran out of fuel and flawlessly glided my cargo hauler to Anchorage. The problem was the A310....detailed simulation with failures is great, except that I couldn't put an oxygen mask on after losing pressurization and the screen went black until I got lower; the RAT deploy switch behind the pilot doesn't seem to actually work, and even though you have a landing gear emergency handle port I couldn't actually use it despite assigning the controls in the menu. So I belly flopped on the runway and through a neighborhood. So.....are those obvious features missing, or am I missing something? For an aircraft as detailed as this with failures, I'd hope these things would work!
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