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  1. Aerosoft Dublin is heavily outdated. Why don't you just get MK Studios Dublin? Far more recent and it works with P3D v4 straight out of the box, no need to patch anything. The iniBuilds patch for Aerosoft Dublin dates back to before MK Studios Dublin was released. Back then, it was all there was to make Dublin work in P3D v4. With the release of MK Studios Dublin it has become obsolete.
  2. I had some money to spend on livery requests, but it seems like this is not possible anymore. For both the realistic and the fictional request pages, there is nothing to fill out. There is no "add to cart" button. There is only a "contact sales" button, which is not what I'm looking for. I don't want to contact sales, I just want to make my requests. Is there a reason you're not accepting requests anymore? If so, why isn't there any announcement about it to be found anywhere? If not, can you please set these pages back to the way they were before.
  3. PS for an experiment I took the alpha channel from the iniBuilds Pegasus A320 and included it in the files for the Lufthansa A320. Can you please replace the files in the Lufthansa A320 folder with these ones: https://gofile.io/d/qUxAsJ This is not meant to be a permanent solution, it's just to see how it looks. If that fixes it, then it's up to iniBuilds to come up with a permanent solution.
  4. Looks like a problem with the alpha channel to me. While I currently don't have the Aerosoft Airbus installed, so I can't test it, I did download this livery. I opened these two files in DXTBmp: AIRBUS_EX320NEO_MIDSEC_C.dds AIRBUS_EX320NEO_TAILSEC_C.dds The first one does have an alpha channel, the second one doesn't. For comparison I also downloaded the JetStar A320 livery and opened the same files. Here they both have an alpha channel, although it's a much lighter shade than on the Lufthansa livery. Why some systems do pay attention to the alpha channel and others
  5. That's a shame, I always like fictional stuff. Maybe you should consider adding all fictional liveries to your library, you never know if there are people out there who would like to have it. They might not order it themselves, but if it exists anyway....
  6. Indeed, the mails were in the junk folder. Got them now. The EasyJet 757 was tricky since it's not listed on the site. In fact, there is no Captain Sim section under fictional repaints at all. Still glad that it's done.
  7. I just saw that the FrenchBee A330 that I requested has been published. That's great! And it's very fast since I only ordered it about 2 weeks ago. With 4 to 6 weeks advertised processing time this is way better than expected. Meanwhile the fictional EasyJet liveries for the 737 and 757 have been ordered 5 weeks ago and not yet published. No worries, 6 weeks aren't up yet. I expect them somewhere in the next week and they'll still be on time. Just a bit weird that one request is done in 2 weeks while another one still isn't done in 5 weeks. Or is it maybe possible that someone else o
  8. Right now both the realistic and fictional livery request pages consist of only one field. That might lead to confusion as requests might sometimes not be very clear or information is missing. Therefor it might be smart to expand these pages a bit. I'm thinking: - A dropdown menu selecting for which aircraft the request is - A field for the aircraft registration - A field for a photo link - And last but not least the current field for any additional remarks. By having a separate field for the above this info cannot be missed and there can be no confusion about it.
  9. Great idea! I have the following requests pending: For the PMDG 737NGXu fictional EasyJet liveries (737-700 for the A319, 800 for the A320 and 900 for the A321). For the Captain Sim 757 fictional EasyJet liveries (757-200 for the A320, 300 for the A321). For the Aerosoft A330 a FrenchBee livery. Might order more in the future.
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