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  1. I'd imagine at least 80% of the A300-600 models and assets will apply to the 310 and 300-600st. it just makes sense to do them first. I personally hope they make an A330 in the future. The Jar is alright but doesn't fully stand up to modern addons and as a 330-900 (and -200, -300) pilot myself, I can tell you the Jar is bouncy, if that makes sense. It would also complete the A300Bxx collection if you throw in the A340 as an addon later.
  2. You should be perfectly fine. I find the first 10 minutes after loading are a little choppy, but clears up well before you’ll be in the air.
  3. It does! It’s just accurate to the real AC, quite stiff, early design of wings. Go pull some serious Gs, then you’ll see.
  4. Interesting... Thanks for the, heads up!
  5. I suppose that's fair enough. Are there any plans to add some later? I really like the wear system FJS built and would love to see it here.
  6. I was just browsing the file structure of the A300 and I found this. I'm definitely interested to see how this is going to end up. I have yet to find an example of a HUD on the real aircraft. Either way, great start!
  7. Some Quick Video Links. "Lets start fu**in' with hydraulics" Engine Start and Hydro Pump Dump "My brake temps are going nuts" Brake Temp Overheat Indication "Big ass wires" A300-600 Shunt Locations FWC Fail J Clarkson Mode Engaged! Beatings "Do" Fix The CF6! IDG Fail (MD-10) "Lets play a little game", "I don't know what this yellow $#!T is!!" MD-10 Radio Altimeter Problem
  8. Here's a must bookmark set of stuff on the AIRBUS A300-600R! I found a maintenance tech who post about all the things he does. He seems to work for a freight company and has content on MD11, MD10 (Retrofitted DC10), 757F, 767F but more importantly, the A300-600. He has encountered practically every malfunction you could have with it, so it's good info. He posts on his own forum, where he goes in depth with great pics and vids of that days problem, while also engaging with his community to help discuss and fix said scumbag system (sometimes with shady shortcuts). All his videos
  9. Most possible (guesses) !: 1) ~$100 2) Why Not?! 3) Yes 4) Absolutely 100% Blimmin' Heck YES!! That thing is a disgrace! You're Last "Technical Difficulty"
  10. Will it have a modeled cabin? Most importantly, will you be able to "stow away" in the lockers? Everything else about this amazing bird reminds me of FJS' 732, why not finish the job!?
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