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  1. Delhi to Paris done with style (-96fpm touchdown)
  2. my first purchase of inibuild was an a310... I loved every thing about it... got me addicted and I went and purchased the a300 too.. and oh boy.. I am so glad I did that.. the a300 is so much better in performance.. and the pbr is killing it.. I can't stop glancing around the airplane.. I just love it.. ini you have done a wonderful job... can't thank enough doing the max range flying possible with a300 right now from delhi to Paris... I am. thrilled.
  3. thanks max..now everything is clear...so A300 600 is almost like a B757.
  4. I am sorry but the fuel capacity of A310 that you wrote is wrong...its around 60000kg with the 2 ACTs...can someone from the developer please confirm the exact range and fuel capacity of A300 modeled in the add on?
  5. hey all I am a proud owner of the A310 and planning now to purchase A300 600 too,,would like to know what is the range and fuel capacity of A300 in compared to A310? if someone can give me numbers,,tht would be great.
  6. Oh yes i have everything same....but no blue fx correction...Have you kept the reflection settings on in xplane? if so what level?
  7. can someone upload me their xcamera profile?
  8. love the first one...what are you using for your water add ons? how does it look like that could you tell?
  9. Make sure cabin is off just to check. Clear the shadercahe as mentioned in the linked post. This aircraft currently has highest fps for me in close with toliss and zibo.
  10. Cant get over how well this aircraft is made..thanks ini people...you better make that A380 fast! Last pic just before departing EDDF
  11. is inbuilds developing a380 for xplane?? just wanted to know.
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