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  1. No work to install the product even after re-start the PC I will make a ticket to you
  2. Just simply no reaction when hitting "Install Product" Also all the product that I have already installed are showed "NOT INSTALLED" The path of my game is correct.
  3. Where to turn on the Cabin Light? In particularly the A310 ACJ
  4. I have bought the 310, and it really shock me so much of it's Extremely Super High Quality and the improvement for the FPS I flied the 300 only getting about 20~25 FPS in some leisure area, but now, it is easy to get more than 30 FPS in KLAX area on 310! it's FPS is nearly even better than TorqueSim SR22 or Hotstart TBM! Thanks for everyone who comment in there, really helps me to make up my mind of buying the wonderful bird!
  5. My computer: 2070S+i7 9700+16G When I fly the A300, the FPS is only about 25~30. However, if I fly to somewhere that very busy like KLAX or Seattle, the FPS with drop to about 20, or even less! This is such a annoying thing! So I really want to know how much FPS is improved on the A310 Please hejust say how much FPS improvement t A310 has, regardless of your computer configuration, I just want to take an average Thanksssssss!
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