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Some key hardware Vars?


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Airspeed down: AP_SPD_VAR_DEC (default MSFS command)
Airspeed Up: AP_SPD_VAR_INC (default MSFS command)
Altitude down: AP_ALT_VAR_DEC (default MSFS command)
Altitude Up: AP_ALT_VAR_INC (default MSFS command)
VS down: AP_VS_VAR_DEC (default MSFS command)
VS Up: AP_VS_VAR_INC (default MSFS command)
Heading down: HEADING_BUG_DEC (default MSFS command)
Heading Up: HEADING_BUG_INC (default MSFS command)
AP1: A310_AP1_BUTTON (Lvar)
AP2: A310_AP2_BUTTON (Lvar)
TOGA: A310_takeoff_toggle (Lvar)
Airspeed knob push: A310_FCU_SELECTED_SPEED_BUTTON (Lvar)
Airspeed knob pull: A310_FCU_MANAGED_SPEED_BUTTON (Lvar)
Heading Push: A310_FCU_SYNC_HEADING_BUTTON (Lvar)
VS Pull: AP9_BUTTON (Lvar)
Altitude Knob Pull: A310_FCU_ALTITUDE_PULL_COMMAND (Lvar)
Altitude Knob Push: A310_FCU_ALTITUDE_PUSH_COMMAND (Lvar) (edited)


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